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About Us

We have a love and affection connection for our honey bee colonies and consider ourselves guardians, not keepers, of bees.
Enjoy an Apitourism Experience in the Bay of Quinte Region:
This transcendental experience goes further than a tour. This is an opportunity to dream and keep learning. Our guests leave with a greater understanding of how a small ecosystem of bio-diverse and purposeful members contributes to the overall balance of regenerative tourism.
Take a close up look into a honey bee colony, look for worker or nurse bees, drones and the elusive queen bee. Have your picture taken holding a frame full of bees if you are brave enough. Learn about the pollination process and the important role it plays in our planet?s food security. Learn about native plants while visiting our wildflower garden, and pick some flowers to brighten up the table for your outdoor lunch.
You?ll develop an appreciation for the numerous and useful products that are created from beeswax and honey (beeswax food wrappers, cream, soap, candles, baked goods).

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Frances McParland