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Zenula HealthTM is a boutique brand of health and rehabilitation services offering holistic treatment approach to balance, vertigo and concussion rehabilitation. Our services include physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, occupational therapy,psychotherapy, and kinesiology. It stands out as one of the few such clinics that routinely offers same day assessment with treatments and takes the time to actually talk with patients about their lives as a matter of course.

That’s because Zenula HealthTM recognizes the holistic nature of healing. Practitioners at Zenula HealthTM treat the whole person, not just the complaint on their questionnaire. Zenula HealthTM isn’t a conveyor belt—it’s a self-powered vehicle customized for each individual’s personal journey of healing and regaining their balance .

Zenula HealthTM offers a community of support and relief for professionals and working people in the high points of their lives, who like to find a good brand and stick with it as long as it performs as promised.

Zenula HealthTM is friendly and welcoming, but braced with expertise. Its colors are soothing and gentle, leaning somewhat feminine and appealing to people in pain who expect quality care and personal service. Soft corners, warm lighting, simple lines…everything about the Zenula HealthTM brand communicates comfort, trust, nurturing, and down-to-earth expertise.


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