Interactive workshops for your business

Offer Valid: 12/13/2022 - 03/31/2024
SAVE 20% on True Colors® workshops

By implementing a True Colors® program, you will see individual performance improved, workplace and personal stress reduced, greater levels of employee satisfaction, less turnover, a more harmonious work environment, and more successful leaders.  These interactive, FUN workshops are each three hours in length and can be done individually or as a customized program for your business. 

Level 1 – Personal Success

                A personality identification workshop that teaches participants to understand themselves and others better.

Level 2 – Conflict Navigation

                Each human interaction has the potential to be a challenge that could lead to conflict.  Learning the skills and being able to share the information regarding how to navigate conflict is a key part of the workshop.

Level 2 – Communications

You will learn how to improve your individual communication skills and interaction with different personality types.  You will be able to strengthen rapport, boost listening skills and clearly deliver your message in a mutually beneficial way.

Level 2 – Team Building

Learn how to work with different personality types and how to use their strengths and interests to best set up teams that efficiently handle projects, activate sales, produce products and services, interact with customers, manage and maintain their departments and the organization as a whole.            

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