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Providing Doula Services:
A Doulas role & agenda is tied solely to the birthing person. We are there to nurture, support, assist, empower, create a calm environment, provide information, reassure, and encourage you to advocate along with so much more.

As your doula, I'm not here to give you my opinions. I'm here to provide you with as many Evidence Based answers to your questions as possible. I'm always continuing my learning, attaining new certifications & ensuring I can support you the best way that I can. I'm proud to say I'm part of the 800+ International Evidence Based Birth Professional Members.

I offer several Postpartum add-ons, and payment plans are always available.

Reiki Services:
Reiki is the process of healing through the ability of channeling energy into an individual through touch— or even at a distance. This method of practice promotes natural healing into a persons body to help restore their physical & emotional well-being. Reiki can help release emotional blocks and help you feel a little lighter. Reiki can help reduce stress, encourage relaxation, and promote healing. ?

Reflexology Services:
This is a focused pressure technique applied on and around the feet. Pressure applied to points and areas on the feet correspond to other areas of the body and can aid our bodies to return to homeostasis (balance). Also known as Rest & Digest.
Reflexology sessions are designed for deep relaxation, stress removal and healing.


Bloom With Graceee Doula & Reiki Services
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